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In July last year I went to Cap d' Agde in southern France. After hearing all these stories about the 'capital of nudetv nudism,' I was very curious to visit this place and nudetv enjoy the sun and the view. I entered the hotel the day before and soon after went to the beach, where I undressed and went along the coast. Thousands of naked people sunbathing and the view was really wonderful: beautiful women with big tits and shaved pussies were all over the place. I immediately had an erection and it took me some time to adapt to the environment. I stayed at the beach for 3-4 hours, and I walked around. I also visited the back of the beach, where at one end, I had heard about sexual activity. They have nudetv much to do, nudetv apart from some gays who ask for their tails in their hands. A as the sun set, I returned to my hotel and ready for the night. After a few drinks at a nearby bar, I went through the area. Even the view was wonderful with hot women showing their assesTits and pussies. I decided to try going to the beach and my luck. The night was very nice and after half an hour, I noticed a few in me. They were my age, in their twenties, and she was really beautiful. As he passed me, both looked at me and waved to the head, I was thrilled. What is even more exciting was that stopped about ten feet from me and the boy put his hand on his girlfriend 's ass. after 5-10 minutes kissing, etc, I approached them, and both looked at me. Health, and the guy asked if I wanted to touch his nudetv girlfriend. Of course I said yes, and started playing her tits and ass. The woman came to his knees, took my penis and began to blow a little man began to masturbate. It was not long until she asked me to hell, with one condition: that make your ass. Even had a bit of jelly with it that extended. I could not resist. I have aCondom, and my fingers spread the jelly around her ass, preparing it for penetration. A few minutes later I was pushing nudetv my cock in the ass, who apparently used to this kind of fun. The girl began to moan loudly as her husband spoke of his very dirty. It was not long for me to finish, while she was an orgasm violent. A as he began to undress, we noticed a couple having sex not far from us. We stayed there and had one eye at a time. After the end of it, thanked him and left me. It was certainly the best sexual experience I had in my life.
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